SBF Stainless Steel Distinctive Features

SBF Stainless Steel Distinctive Features are commitment of quality and reliability to domestic / international markets for pipes and tube making

100% compliance to international standards of stainless steel tube making

Minimum guaranteed weight as per international standards

Shorter lead time for products than any other company within Pakistan

State of the art tubes mills from a world renowned Taiwanese manufacturer

Fabrication friendly "Varigon" shielded latest "Tri cathode" seam welding

Backed by highly skilled internationally trained technical and commercial sales
teams for advisory services to clients

Surface Finish

Innovative product and application development have brought in interesting finishes making stainless steel a designer's delight. Following are the surface finish that SBF Pipes offers for both the ornamental and automotive tubes customers.

As welded (unpolished)
Satin / Hairline / Mirror or bright finish
  • 180 Grift
  • 240 Grift
  • 320 Grift
  • 400 Grift
  • 500 Grift
  • 600 Grift
  • 800 Grift
  • Advantages of Stainless Steel 

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